This impressive 10 metre high cairn tomb is situated in an imposing position at the top of Knocknarea hill overlooking Strandhill and Sligo Bay. According to legend it is the burial place of Queen Maeve, the legendary warrior queen of Connaught whose rivalry with the neighbouring province of Ulster is the baskground of the epic poem Táin Bó Cuailgne. However, archaeologists believe it dates back to 3000BC whereas Maeve is thought to have lived around 3000 years later.Queen Maeve's Grave Strandhill Sligo

In the legend, Maeve is buried standing up facing her enemies in Ulster! The summit of Knocknarea can be reached from the back or by the new Queen Maeve Trail from Strandhill. Either way, it is well worth the climb as at the top you can view the cairn close up and also see the spectacular views over Sligo Bay and on to Donegal and Mayo.

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