Game Angling

Lake Fisherman in Leitrim

Game Angling;  Garavogue – Lough Gill and River Bonet.  The open season for salmon and sea trout is from 1st January to the 30th of September, for brown trout form 1st of March to the 30th of September.  It gets a run of spring salmon and anglers are out from opening day.  Most of the fishing is done by trolling, when the salmon fishing is over for the season, Lough Gill also holds a stock of good brown trout averaging 1-1.5lb they tend to be dour and slow to take and anglers concentrate a lot of their trout fishing efforts on the mayfly season for mid- May to mid –June when the trout fishing can be good.  Also other places like Lough Doon, Glencar Lake, Drumcliffe River, Ballisodare River, Lough Arrow and Lough Boo.  Leitrim is home to the earliest recorded Salmon River, the Drowes River at Tullaghan.

Shore Fishing

Shore Fishing Break near Mullaghmore

Shore fishing Mullaghmore pier on the sheltered side of the headland looking back across the strand on the mountains of Sligo is a haunt of mullet and the source of many of specimen size.  They are taken on pieces of fish or bread at high water.  The breakwater at the harbour entrance yields dab flounder, plaice and occasional ray in summer.  On the exposed, rocky north coast is Darby’s hole where the gently sloping rocks provide excellent fishing for big wrasse.  Lugworm can be dug at the eastern end of Mullaghmore Harbour at low water.  To the south of Mullaghmore and a little way off the beaten track the main river channel at Milk Haven Estuary offers flounder, sea trout and mullet in plenty.  Free lining sandeel in the channel can be excellent sport for sea trout especially from the strand bar on the northern shore.  Casting into the surf yields occasional plaice, lugworm and white rag worm are plentiful at the top of the estuary.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Tuition Breaks
Fly Fishing Tuition Breaks

Fly Fishing school for trout and salmon in Dromahair.  Tuition for all ages is provided and covers all aspects of fishing, including casting techniques, successfully local fly patterns and local fishing etiquette.  Our tutor is an experienced fisherman with a vast knowledge of the river and surrounding fisheries.  Tuition caters for beginners and improvers and aims to make the art of fly fishing accessible and fun for all.  Your tutor will show you how to set up your tackle and cast competently, one to one tuition available.

Fishing at a lake
Fishing is fun for all the family

Fishing is fun for all the family. Get started today.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing on a boat

Deep sea fishing from Mullaghmore.  Blue shark arrives towards the end of July and remains until October.  Blue fin tuna comes late in August and stays till November.  A record fish of more that 900lb 9410kg) Mullaghmore is an ideal spot for fishing for these giants.  Bottom fishing is available all year round for a great variety of species.  The most popular quarries includes Pollack, Coalfish, Cod, Ling, Pountvng, wrasse, Conger and Rav.

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